The Journey is the Destination
We’re the family that rides motorcycles to the best places on earth. Follow along as we find the greatest roads life gives us.
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We’re the Northrup’s

O le ala i le pule o le tautua

Our diversity is our greatest challenge, and our strength. We’ve struggled in our family, and in our marriage and have discovered the need to find our own road.

We chose “The Vā as the name for the channel because Vā is a Samoan word with great significance. It’s literal translation is space, or a gap between two things. It is the word that is also used for “relationship”. Vā is also the foundational Samoan value of propriety. It defines the proper way of respecting and interacting with one another. It’s the unwritten code of conduct that exemplifies an honorable life for a Samoan.


Chief Motorcycle Officer


Strength: Husking Coconuts—Weakness: Bread


Resident Trouble Maker

Our Youtube Channel is Launching Soon!

Our Youtube Channel is Launching Soon!

For months, we've been secretly planning to create a Youtube channel. Finally, after months of planning and agonizing and working, we've finally uploaded our first video, our channel trailer, and...

Why we decided to live on the road

Why we decided to live on the road

One of the most common questions we get is "Why did you decide to live on the road?" It's easy for people to imagine reasons someone may want to live on the road. Naturally, people assume the...

Our RV Setup

Our RV Setup

The type of RV you choose will drastically impact the experience you have on the road. The tradeoffs in design and functionality are felt constantly. A lot of RVers, including us, end up changing...

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