In life, the journey is the destination. Try the scenic route.

A fulfilling, joyful life requires finding a path suited for what makes you unique. We’re on a journey to find our path. Come along and find yours.

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We should have known…


When two people from extremely different backgrounds partner up and start a family, their lives are ruined. Completely and utterly ruined. In the best way possible. Usually…or, at least sometimes. 

We have discovered that, for us to be able to live to our full potential, both individually and as a family, we needed to abandon our assumptions of what our lives would look like, and embrace the reality that we’re an unconventional family. And unconventional families require an unconventional approach to life.

It took far too long for us to realize we needed to do things our way. And, frankly, we don’t even know what “our way” is. At least not yet, but we’re figuring it out. And, most likely, so are you.  

And that’s why we created The Vā. It’s a space for us to explore what “our way” is (or isn’t), to connect with others like you who are finding their way, and to learn along the way.

Tālofa! Welcome to The Vā. We’re the Northrup’s.


Chief Motorcycle Officer


Strength: Husking Coconuts—Weakness: Bread


Resident Trouble Maker


4-Legged Daughter

Our Youtube Channel is Launching Soon!

Our Youtube Channel is Launching Soon!

For months, we've been secretly planning to create a Youtube channel. Finally, after months of planning and agonizing and working, we've finally uploaded our first video, our channel trailer, and...

Why we decided to live on the road

Why we decided to live on the road

One of the most common questions we get is "Why did you decide to live on the road?" It's easy for people to imagine reasons someone may want to live on the road. Naturally, people assume the...

Our RV Setup

Our RV Setup

The type of RV you choose will drastically impact the experience you have on the road. The tradeoffs in design and functionality are felt constantly. A lot of RVers, including us, end up changing...

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