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O lupe ia sa vā ese’ese o lea ua fuifui fa’atasi

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The Story

We are the Northrups

The motorcycle riding, full time RV living, multicultural family


Hmmmm …. Hope you won’t be bored lol! Well, we’re the Northrups, a multicultural family which consists of a white man, Devin, born and raised in the states—a coconut woman named Dolly, born and raised in Fasito’outa Samoa—one goofy, talkative offspring Kalepo—and a hairy four legged daughter Luko.

Our diversity is our greatest challenge, and our strength. We’ve struggled in our family, and in our marriage and have discovered the need to find our own road. That’s why we’ve been living full-time on the road since April 2017.We live in a fifth wheel travel trailer and we use our motorcycles to explore the earth. This lifestyle made things easier for us in all aspects. We still have struggles (duhhh its part of life), however, we’ve made it work.It’s been a learning and growing experience.

We want to share these experiences with you all via our blog and our channel, THE VĀ. We know we’re long overdue to document our experiences. Hopefully as our son and future kids get older, they’ll appreciate the experiences and values we leave for them.

We chose “The Vā” as the name for the channel becauseVā is a Samoan word with great significance. Its literal translation is space, or a gap between two things. It is the word that is also used for relationship. Vā is also the foundational Samoan value of propriety (vā feāloa’i). It defines the proper way of respecting and interacting with one another. It’s the unwritten code of conduct that exemplifies an honorable life for a Samoan.

Hope I didn’t bore you to death. But if you didn’t snore while reading this, hope our channel and blogs will inspire you with a different perspective on life. Cheers.